The Story of a Passionate Family

Victoriaville & Co. was born out of the determination, the leadership and the will to succeed of its founders. Much of our success is due to the economic well-being of an entire region renowned for the quality of its hardwood products.

For the last 9 decades, all details have been taken into account when designing, manufacturing, and finishing our hardwood products. We are well aware that each unit we produce is destined to a person with a unique life story and a unique set of memories that they leave behind. This is why we believe each product has a rich emotional value that is worthy of our respect.

Over the years, we have also offered The Essentials, a wide range of funeral products designed to meet the needs of professionals committed to supporting grieving families in their mourning process.

The funeral industry has undergone considerable changes over the past several years. Changes in mourning habits and rituals have radically transformed the funeral industry around the world. Across North America, major independent players are now selling to multinational interests.

At Victoriaville & Co., this shift in the industry has resulted in significant business decisions. More than thirty acquisitions and subsidiaries have marked our history. Today, we are the largest family-owned business in North America that is still involved in the sale and distribution of funeral products.

Here are the highlights of our history:

1907 J.E. Hébert founded a lumber mill company.
1939 After several years of financial support, J.E. Hébert developed a formal partnership with J.A. Dumont.
1945 Victoria Industries was founded. The new company manufactured furniture using the timber from the mill.
1948 Victoria Industries was renamed Victoriaville Caskets Ltd.
1954 Mr. Claude Dumont, J.A. Dumont’s nephew started working for the company.
1974 Mr. Claude Dumont became President of the company.
1975-1982 The company became one of the largest casket manufacturers in Canada. It was during this period that Joseph-Adélard Dumont passed away.
1984 During this period, in order to secure a strong position on the market, the company management acquired Mount Forest Caskets in Mount Forest, Ontario, and renamed it Premier Caskets.
1989 Strategic partnership with Aurora, which was then the largest independent manufacturer of steel caskets in America.
1990 Alain, Claude Dumont’s son, joined the company and represented the third generation of the Dumont family to work in the family business. He founded Vic Royal Caskets Inc. by acquiring the assets of Atlas Caskets, which had closed its doors in December 1989.
1992 Creation of "Previc," an integrated network in charge of managing sales and distribution operations across Eastern Canada.
1995 Cerco Industries, Montreal Caskets and Danyco Funeral Products joined the Group.
1997 Major fire at the Vic Royal Caskets Inc. plant.
1998 Investment of $25 million to relocate the Vic Royal Caskets Inc. plant in Victoriaville, and to modernize and expand its facilities.
2000 Repatriation by the Government of Canada of The Unknown Soldier who died in the Battle of Vimy Ridge, France, during the First World War. On May 28, 2000, the Unknown Soldier was laid to rest at the National War Memorial in Ottawa in a casket called Dominion made in Victoriaville from Canadian silver maple. A classic model developed to honour and support this worthy cause.
2002 Creation of Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc. which consolidated the Group's operations. Alain Dumont was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer while his father, Claude, was named Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.
2006 Investment of $5 million to modernize the paint system in an effort to maintain the highest level of quality standards, while increasing production capacity.
2007-2009 Acquisition and integration of Advantage Distributors, in New Brunswick, and J.I. Astley Associates Inc., in Toronto. A new distribution centre was built in Victoriaville. The original Victoriaville Caskets Ltd. building was demolished during this period and replaced by a shopping centre.
2010- 2012 Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc. celebrated its nominations to Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies for 2009-2010 and 2011.

It was the first time a Canadian company operating in the field of funeral services had ever received a distinction of this kind.

With the merging of Manchester Supply Inc. and Alton Caskets, Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc. became one of the most important suppliers of funeral products in North America.

Also, Claude decided to retire in order to spend more time with his family.

Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc. was involved as leading partner in the creation of Legacy Tribute UK, a joint venture combining Canadian, American and British forces. The company soon became the largest distributor of American-style caskets in the United Kingdom.
2015 Prestige 2000, merged its operations with those of Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc. The arrival of Charles-Olivier Dumont, representing the fourth generation of the Dumont Family. He joined the family business after completing a Master's degree in Accounting. and successfully passed all the exams to become a Certified Chartered Accountant.
2016 Following the creation of Legacy Tribute UK, the company proudly collaborated with ACC Higgins and launched Legacy Tribute Australia to offer a new range of caskets specifically designed and manufactured for the Australian market.
2017 Maritime Caskets Ltd. merged its operations with those of Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc., and the Group completed the acquisition of J&R Mfg., a distribution company based in New York City. This acquisition represented the Company’s first foray into the American market. 
2018 After 111 years of existence and 70 years of “exclusive” commitment towards the funeral industry, Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc. changed its name to Victoriaville & Co. in order to refocus on a new vision and a new mission, but with the same passion and the same promise to its various regional, national and international clients.
2019        Victoriaville & Co. acquires the Canadian facility of Matthews Aurora Funeral Solutions, Alliance St-Laurent Casket.  In 2019, we have seen several innovations and changes including partnership with Legacy Tribute USA as well as the acquisition of Créations Frank Langlais.
2020 Victoriaville was honored "Digital manufacturer Award" on May 8th, 2020 by the Regional Chamber of Commerce in September 2020, Victoriaville & Co. acquired Importations Mex-On Inc. and in December 2020, JCR Supplies merged with Manchester Supplies, a subsidiary of Victoriaville & Co. 

Vaella Consulting and Victoriaville & Co. have formed a strategic and equity partnership with Quebec based design, print and digital imaging company Mémento. In March 2021, always with the same objective of diversification and search for global added-value solutions, Victoriaville & Co. has formed a strategic and equity partnership with Ontario based fingerprint jewelry company Eternity’s Touch. 

In June, J&R/Victoriaville & Co. of New York and Legacy Tribute of New England merged their operations under the name Victoriaville & Co. (USA). Following the merger, the new entity launches Legacy Tribute Solution, a new division to provide technology and business solutions to Funeral Homes.

On September 1, 2021, Victoriaville & Co. and Sauder Funeral Products formed a strategic partnership. As part of this partnership, Sauder Funeral Products' line of caskets will become part of the Victoriaville & Co. portfolio.  

On October 29, 2021 we are pleased to announce the amalgamation of the operations of South Durham Caskets with Victoriaville & Co. 


July 12, 2022, we are pleased to announce the launching of the Odela Commemorative Boutique, created to allow our funeral home clients to diversify their current offer and extend it over time.


On January 30, 2023 we announced an investment in a 67,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Cleveland, Ohio. "This manufacturing addition to our existing capacity was necessary to support the company's growth by expanding the company's workforce, streamlining its supply chain and specializing its three manufacturing facilities.

The project will accommodate up to 100 jobs with anticipated growth over the next 5 years and will be operational in the summer of 2023; without the collaboration and financial support of the City of Cleveland and the State of Ohio, this expansion would never have been possible.