urns and keepsakes

Nowadays, for various reasons, families are increasingly opting for cremation. To adequately serve funeral service professionals and help them keep up with these new demands, Victoriaville & Co. offers one of the finest collections of tastefully designed cremation urns on the market.

Most of our wooden urns are handmade by trained craftsmen and coated with a glossy or satin finish. Victoriaville & Co. offers a wide selection of wood species, colours, and designs that may be used to create urns tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of each family.

The use of metal, granite, marble, and other materials has helped mankind grow in its constant quest for improvement, from ancient times to the modern era. Today, the variety, durability, and malleability of the various materials used in the manufacture of our urns allow us to offer a wide selection of styles customized to your taste and adapted to your budget.

To add a distinctive touch to the commemoration of a loved one, Victoriaville & Co. is committed to paying a great deal of attention to customizing most of its products, as per customers' demands.

Keepsakes are small urns that may hold a small portion of the cremated remains, a lock of hair or even a little piece of cloth in memory of the deceased.

A sampling of the products in this collection is listed on the right-hand side. For additional options, please contact a funeral home near you.

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