Respect for nature is a priority here at Victoriaville & Co. As a casket manufacturer, we draw on nature’s abundance, and it is our responsibility to conserve these resources to guarantee their sustainability. Our most cherished value is, of course, offering our clients exceptional quality while preserving the environment. For this reason, the wood we use when manufacturing our products is harvested from forests that are managed in a responsible fashion. Over the past few years, we have also succeeded in greening our business significantly by revamping our manufacturing methods, our management practices, our actions, and our day-to-day decisions to ensure that our business is in full compliance with strict environmental standards. 

We also hope that this approach will increase the funeral industry’s awareness of the impact that its actions can have on the environment and inspire other companies to opt for environmentally-sound manufacturing methods


For many years, all our products have been manufactured in a manner to minimize our environmental footprint. Through our commitment to meeting strict environmental standards, we are taking action now to protect our future.



Each casket of the New Leaf Collection is certified with the Green Burial Council 
thus ensuring that its management and manufacturing processes are environmentally sound.

NEW LEAF collection.

  • New Leaf Collection products are the first environmentally friendly collection of caskets made in Canada and, to date, the only entire collection approved by the Green Burial Council TM, an independent organization that ensures that every New Air casket is made in harmony with nature.

In addition to its NEW LEAF collection, here are the measures that have enabled Victoriaville & Co. to reduce its environmental footprint:

  • 95% of the sustainable wood we use is provided by suppliers who have signed on to a reforestation program.
  • We reuse wood waste as a source of clean energy or sell it to wood by-product manufacturers. 
  • We recycle 2,300 tons of wood waste annually, to produce the equivalent of 11.5 million kilowatt-hours of clean energy. 
  • Burning wood waste saves us almost 3,500 m3 in natural gas consumption.
  • All the materials we use (MDF, particleboard) are certified as Environmentally Preferable Products by the Composite Panel Association (CPA).
  • Following the example set by the City of Victoriaville, a recognized leader within Quebec in the areas of residual materials reclaiming and recovery, we have set up an on-site recovery program in which our employees are active participants.
  • That’s our impetus… and it’s only the beginning. We are committed to continually innovating and offering ecologically-sound products, while also improving our environmental record.