Direct Representation

Our products are available at all Canadian licensed funeral homes. You can therefore contact the funeral home with whom you wish to do business and it will be able to meet your needs.

Tradition and Trust

Making funeral arrangements is often a matter of tradition. Grieving families usually rely on a funeral home they trust to take care of all the details involved in burying a loved one with the grace and dignity they deserve. Often, this is a matter of integrity and trust. As a family-owned business, Victoriaville & Co. follows in that tradition. As a result, over the years, we have built very close ties based on tradition and trust with our clients.

In eastern Canada, ten account managers represent Victoriaville & Co. as a wholesaler and supplier of funeral products by holding regular meetings with the representatives of all funeral homes. Our success relies mostly on the close ties our representatives have forged with our clients.

Canadian Distributors

In western Canada, Imperial Group and Vancouver Casket, two independent distributors, have been representing Victoriaville & Co. as suppliers of funeral products for several years.

Non-Affiliated U.S. Distributors

More than ten independent distributors sell Victoriaville & Co.’s funeral products and supplies throughout the United States on a regular basis.


International Funeral Supplier

Our products are currently sold in more than ten countries and will be distributed to other international markets soon.

Affiliated International Distributors

Victoriaville & Co. is pleased to have been involved in the creation of Legacy Tribute UK, a joint venture combining Canadian, American and British forces. The company soon became the largest distributor of American-style caskets in the United Kingdom.

Following the creation of Legacy Tribute UK, Victoriaville & Co. proudly collaborated with ACC Higgins and launched Legacy Tribute Australia to offer a new range of caskets specially designed and manufactured for the Australian market.

Non-Affiliated International Distributors

Independent distributors sell Victoriaville & Co. products mainly in Russia, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Thanatopractitioners, Cemeteries, and Crematoriums

In 2012, Victoriaville & Co. felt the need to expand its existing product offering to better serve and support its growing clientele in the licensed funeral homes.

As a result, Victoriaville & Co. acquired a distributor, Manchester, which had been a leading supplier of funeral supplies in Canada since 1981. This acquisition has placed Victoriaville & Co. in a position to provide cemeteries, columbaria, crematoriums, and funeral homes with an enhanced product offering tailored to meet the specific needs of each clientele.

Sharing the same values, the Victoriaville & Co./Manchester partnership is characterized by its orientation as a "one-stop-shop for funeral supplies" with a strong commitment to customer service.

Our efforts are focused on offering a wide range of products and providing access to various solutions that make it possible to pay tribute and preserve the memory of a loved one.