Rob Dellaire, Director of Sales and Customer Service of Victoriaville & Co. is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Account Managers within our sales team.

Mathieu Gauthier

Mathieu has been working in the funeral industry since 2013, and more precisely as a Funeral Director in Ontario since 2016, hence his extensive knowledge of the field and various products. He will be in charge of the Ottawa Valley region and the province of Ontario.


Alain St-Pierre

From 2012 to 2018, Alain worked in the funeral industry as a Family Counsellor and as an Operations Manager in Montreal. He will be in charge of the greater Montreal area and western Quebec.


They will be delighted to meet their new clients to help them cope with the ever-changing demands of their customers.

Victoriaville & Co. is committed to differentiating itself from the competition through its superior product offering and by focusing on the service, quality, and professionalism of its sales team. The appointment of Mr. Alain St-Pierre and Mr. Mathieu Gauthier demonstrates our commitment to that goal.  

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