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Upon acceptance of the conditions listed below, the right to use and belong to this site is granted. Read this section carefully before using the site. For the purposes of this section, the pronoun "he" is considered to be non-gender-specific and is used in order to make the text more readable.


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Victoriaville & Co. keeps confidential any information furnished by the users of this site and does not share or sell personal information with any third party for commercial purposes. The information gathered by this site will be used in the following ways:

  • We can retrace the path of your visit to the site and identify the pages that interest you.
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This site does not use cookies. A cookie is a Web application that reports on the navigation habits of the user within a site and gathers information from the user's hard disk. If Victoriaville & Co. ever decides to use cookies, visitors to the site will be offered the option to disable them.

Victoriaville & Co. assumes no liability in regards to the use of confidential information that might be gathered by third-party sites that may be accessed via links from the Victoriaville & Co. site. We strongly recommend reading the privacy statement of any such site you may visit.

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Victoriaville & Co. takes all reasonable precautions in order to protect confidential information received from you and to ensure confidentiality during Internet transactions. However, email is not a secure medium and confidentiality can not be guaranteed.

The servers that host Victoriaville's site use TLS 1.2 transmission technology, which makes the transmission of information very secure. In addition, the host servers are protected by firewall technology.

However, no security measure is perfect, and you should consider yourself advised that a small level of risk exists, that the information you transmit to Victoriaville could be divulged through no fault of Victoriaville and without your consent.

Victoriaville & Co. assumes no liability in terms of damages that may result from the transmission via Internet of personal or confidential information from you to a Victoriaville & Co. employee or, in response to a request, from Victoriaville & Co. to you.

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Victoriaville & Co. reserves the right to modify or amend this section at any time and for any reason. It is your responsibility to stay up to date on any such modifications and how they may affect you. Nothing in this section may be taken to establish an agreement or contract between Victoriaville & Co. and anyone who uses this site or provides any particular information.

Notice to Consumers

In order to guarantee your complete satisfaction when purchasing a casket, Victoriaville & Co. sells and distributes its products exclusively through a network of carefully selected licensed funeral homes. These funeral homes were chosen for their ability to provide the casket best adapted to your particular needs; their staff has been trained to provide consumers with all necessary information about the exclusive features of our products. Licensed funeral homes are operated by funeral directors who have been serving their communities faithfully for many years, and who have amply demonstrated their complete familiarity with products.

Online retailers that are not operated by funeral homes, but that nevertheless offer Victoriaville & Co. products for purchase, are not authorized to do so and do not have permission to use our registered trademarks, our copyright, our photos of our products on their sites. Because these retailers are not authorized distributors of Victoriaville & Co. products, there is no guarantee on delivery, production time, or the quality of the casket that you might purchase, nor even that the casket purchased is actually a Victoriaville & Co. product. In addition, the limited guarantee provided by Victoriaville & Co. is null and void if the casket is sold by anyone other than an authorized distributor. Only licensed funeral homes can guarantee the authenticity of a casket and its conformity to the strict quality standards of Victoriaville.

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